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What is Soul Compass

Why Soul Compass?

What if you could always feel the way you want to feel?

Utilizing a variety of tools and assessments, Soul Compass facilitates your personal soul journey so you can get back to feeling the way you want to feel in every aspect of your life.

Stop striving. Start living.


Meet Amanda

Navigator in Chief & Licensed Desire Map Facilitator

Abundance |  Renewed  |  Inspired |  Light

Amanda is a Rochester native, and spent the better part of her twenties living in Central Florida (with a short stint in Europe!). Though she has a heart full of wanderlust, a series of life-changing events have shown her that a journey is not only a trip around the world, but something traveled in the way we choose to live and feel every day.


With a BA in Communication from the University of Tampa, and a MS in Human Resource Development from Nazareth University, Amanda draws from personal experience and collegiate training to provide a unique opportunity for others to creatively map their personal/professional journey in a way that feels good and makes sense for them.



Chart your course in an ultra-personalized setting using tools customized to your journey! Interested in a couples' journey, or want to get to know your bestie on a new level? This is the space for that, too!

Workshops bring together like-minded individuals in a safe space to engage in soulful discussions of core desired feelings, setting goals with soul, and living to their highest potential!

Ready to take your company culture to the next level? We want every business to have an opportunity to succeed at their highest potential.

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